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Mendeley uses the Citation Style Language v1.0 to format citations and bibliographies in our Word and OpenOffice plugins. Although we provide styles for 1000+ journals, we realize this isn’t enough for everyone. If you need to customize a citation style and are not scared of editing a little XML (it’s actually not that difficult), read on…

Default styles location

After first installing Mendeley Desktop, 15 commonly used .csl files are placed in the following location: (may differ depending on your system configuration)

C:Program FilesMendeley DesktopcitationStyles-1.0

  • GNU/Linux with Debian packages




Custom styles location

To search for more styles, go to the View menu and choose Citation Style -> More Styles….

These additional style files will be placed here: (may differ depending on your system configuration)

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7

C:Users<USER_NAME>AppDataLocalMendeley LtdMendeley Desktop citationStyles-1.0

C:Documents and Settings<USER_NAME>Local SettingsApplication Data
Mendeley LtdMendeley DesktopcitationStyles-1.0

~/.local/share/data/Mendeley Ltd./Mendeley Desktop/citationStyles-1.0

/Users/<USER_NAME>/Library/Application Support/Mendeley Desktop/

Tutorial: Editing an existing style

Let’s say you’re writing a paper for a new conference, where the organizers have demanded you use the “American Sociological Association” style, but using square brackets instead or parentheses for in-line citations. So instead of this:

(Andersson et al. 2004)

You need to write this:

[Andersson et al. 2004]

Step 1: Create a new style file

Locate the asa.csl file by referring to the “Default styles location” above. Copy this file to the “Custom styles location” above.

NOTE: Never edit the installed files directly, always create a copy first.

Give the file a new name, say asa_custom.csl

Open the file in your favorite text editor (for Windows, try Notepad++) and change the 4th and 5th lines from:

<title>American Sociological Association</title>



<title>American Sociological Association (custom)</title>


(or something of your own choosing, the important thing is to ensure the id is unique. No two styles are allowed to have the same id, as Mendeley will not be able to load one of them)

Step 2: Customize the style formatting

Don’t worry about understanding everything in the CSL files right away. For now, just know that the bit describing the format of in-line citations starts with “<citation …>” and ends with “</citation>”, which is from line 120 to 130 in your asa_custom.csl file.

To change the parentheses to square brackets, change line 121 from:

<layout prefix=”(” suffix=”)” delimiter=”; “>


<layout prefix=”[” suffix=”]” delimiter=”; “>

Save your edited style file.

Step 3: Use the new style in Mendeley

Restart Mendeley Desktop. Open a new Word or OpenOffice document and select “More Styles…” from the citation style drop-down box. In the dialog that appears you should select “American Sociological Association (custom)” and click Use this Style and then click Done.

Congratulations! You can now cite in your custom style. Here’s a short video showing the process.

To learn more about editing CSL files, check out the official guide as well as reading and experimenting with the styles included with Mendeley (but remember to create copies first as in step 1!) If you’d like more tutorials going into more depth on CSL, please drop us a comment below.

We plan to make the process of editing styles simpler in future, and to expand our database of downloadable citation styles.

Happy Citing!

Like this:


There is a bug in Microsoft Office regarding missing citation stylesheets. When a user attempts to add a bibliography source in a program such as Word, they are not only unable to choose a style such as APA or MLA, but they cannot even add source information such as author or title.

This bug is known to occur in MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013. The bug may or may not still exist in MS Office 2016 or 360.

This bug most likely occurs during installation or at least when Office runs for the first time for a profile. However there is no fully supportive evidence at this time of what causes the bug to happen.


Essentially when this bug occurs the "%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Bibliography\" is missing a directory called "Style" that contains all the citation style sheets that are accessible to the user.

  1. Check the "%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Office15\Bibliography\Style" directory or if installed Office as 32bit "%programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office15\Bibliography\Style" directory to see if it exists and contain the citation stylesheets.
    • You might need to change the Office15 to Office14 or Office12, for Office 2010 or Office 2007 respectively
  2. If the Style directory exists and contains the proper files, copy the directory to "%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Bibliography\" and make sure that it is not removed when the computer restarts. The directory might need to be added to the profile on the server.
  3. If the Style directory does not exist, try repairing Office but that might not resolve the issue.
  4. Ultimately if the citation styles are still missing, reinstall Microsoft Office and that should resolve the issue.


Attached are some stylesheets that can be used for MS Office 2010 if the Style subdirectory does not exist in the program files.


See ticket RNF-845-44492 for more details.




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