Perceptually Based Afterimage Synthesis Essay

Technical Section: Perceptually inspired afterimage synthesis

Authors: Michihiro MikamoDepartment of Information Engineering, Hiroshima University, 1-4-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi Hiroshima, Hiroshima, 739-8527 Japan
Marcos SlompDepartment of Engineering, Kagoshima University, 1-21-40 Korimoto, Kagoshima-City, Kagoshima, 890-0065 Japan
Bisser RaytchevDepartment of Information Engineering, Hiroshima University, 1-4-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi Hiroshima, Hiroshima, 739-8527 Japan
Toru TamakiDepartment of Information Engineering, Hiroshima University, 1-4-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi Hiroshima, Hiroshima, 739-8527 Japan
Kazufumi KanedaDepartment of Information Engineering, Hiroshima University, 1-4-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi Hiroshima, Hiroshima, 739-8527 Japan
2013 Article
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Published in:
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Computers and Graphics archive
Volume 37 Issue 4, June, 2013
Pages 247-255
Pergamon Press, Inc.Elmsford, NY, USA
table of contentsdoi>10.1016/j.cag.2013.02.008

afterimageflight-of-colorshuman visual perception

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State-of-the-Art Reports (STARs)

ST1: A Survey of Urban Reconstruction
Przemyslaw Musialski, Peter Wonka, Daniel G. Aliaga, Michael Wimmer, Luc van Gool, Werner Purgathofer
ST2: Symmetry in 3D Geometry: Extraction and Applications () ()
Niloy J. Mitra, Mark Pauly, Michael Wand, Duygu Ceylan
ST3: Interactive Volume Rendering with Volumetric Illumination
Daniel Jonsson, Erik Sunden, Timo Ropinski
ST4: Illustrative Flow Visualization: State of the Art, Trends and Challenges
Andrea Brambilla, Robert Carnecky, Ronald Peikert, Ivan Viola, Helwig Hauser
ST5: Interactive Simulation of Rigid Body Dynamics in Computer Graphics
Jan Bender, Kenny Erleben, Jeff Trinkle, Erwin Coumans
ST6: Perceptual Metrics for Static and Dynamic Triangle Meshes
Massimiliano Corsini, Mohamed-Chaker Larabi, Guillaume Lavoue, Oldrich Petrik, Libor Vasa, Kai Wang
ST7: State of the Art in Quad Meshing
David Bommes, Bruno Levy, Nico Pietroni, Enrico Puppo, Claudio Silva, Marco Tarini, Denis Zorin
ST8: Facial Rigging
Pedro Bastos, Xenxo Alvarez, Veronica Orvalho

FP1: Image and Video Retargeting

How Not to Be Seen �X Object Removal from Videos of Crowded Scenes
Miguel Granados, James Tompkin, Kwang In Kim, O. Grau, Jan Kautz, Christian Theobalt
Robust Image Retargeting via Axis-Aligned Deformation
Daniele Panozzo, Ofir Weber, Olga Sorkine
Iterative Image Warping
Huw Bowles, Kenny Mitchell, Bob Sumner, Jeremy Moore, Markus Gross
Coherent Spatiotemporal Filtering, Upsampling and Rendering of RGBZ Videos
Christian Richardt, Carsten Stoll, Neil A. Dodgson, Hans-Peter Seidel, Christian Theobalt

FP2: Photo Manipulation

Creating Picture Legends for Group Photos
Junhong Gao, Seon Joo Kim, Michael S. Brown
Data-Driven Object Manipulation in Images
Chen Goldberg, Tao Chen, Fang-Lue Zhang, Ariel Shamir, Shi-Min Hu
Realtime Disparity Map based Pictorial Depth Cue Enhancement
Christoph Rößing, Johannes Hanika, Hendrik P. A. Lensch
Interactive Multi-perspective Imagery from Photos and Videos () ()
Henrik Lieng, James Tompkin, Jan Kautz

FP3: Light Fields and Reflectance

Light-Field Retargeting
Clemens Birklbauer, Oliver Bimber
Unstructured Light Fields
Abe Davis, Marc Levoy, Fredo Durand
Data-Driven Surface Reflectance from Sparse and Irregular Samples
Roland Ruiters, Reinhard Klein
Novel-View Synthesis of Outdoor Sport Events Using an Adaptive View-Dependent Geometry
Marcel Germann, Tiberiu Popa, Richard Keiser, Remo Ziegler, Markus Gross

FP4: Image and Color Processing

Analytic Anti-Aliasing of Linear Functions on Polytopes
Thomas Auzinger, Michael Guthe, Stefan Jeschke
SimpleFlow: A Non-iterative, Sublinear Optical Flow Algorithm
Michael Tao, Jiamin Bai, Pushmeet Kohli, Sylvain Paris
SMAA: Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing
Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria, Tiago Sousa, Diego Gutierrez
Black Is Green: Adaptive Color Transformation For Reduced Ink Usage
Lior Shapira, Boris Oicherman

FP5: Massive Models

Real-time Realistic Rendering and Lighting of Forests
Eric Bruneton, Fabrice Neyret
Interactive Editing of GigaSample Terrain Fields
Marc Treib, Florian Reichl, Stefan Auer, Rudiger Westermann
A GPU-based Approach for Massive Model Rendering with Frame-to-Frame Coherence
Chao Peng, Yong Cao
Rasterized Bounding Volume Hierarchies () ()
Jan Novak, Carsten Dachsbacher

FP6: Textures and Materials

Procedural Texture Preview
Anass Lasram, Sylvain Lefebvre, Cyrille Damez
Mesh Colorization
George Leifman, Ayellet Tal
3D Material Style Transfer
Chuong Nguyen, Tobias Ritschel, Elmar Eisemann, Karol Myszkowski, Hans-Peter Seidel
Repetition Maximization based Texture Rectification
Dror Aiger, Daniel Cohen-Or, Niloy Mitra

FP7: Computational Photography

Practical Spectral Photography
Ralf Habel, Michael Kudenov, Michael Wimmer
Coding Depth through Mask Structure
Manuel M. Oliveira, Horacio Fortunato
Soft Stacking
Jim McCann, Nancy Pollard
Metering for Exposure Stacks
Orazio Gallo, Marius Tico, Roberto Manduchi, Natasha Gelfand, Kari Pulli

FP8: Crowds, Cloths and Shape Deformation

A realistic model of following behavior for crowd simulation
Samuel Lemercier, Asja Jelic, Richard Kulpa, Jiale Hua, Jerome Fehrenbach, Pierre Degond, Cecile Appert-Rolland, Stephane Donikian, Julien Pettre
Manipulation of Flexible Objects by Geodesic Control
He Wang, Taku Komura
Florence Bertails-Descoubes
Data-Driven Estimation of Cloth Simulation Models
Eder Miguel, Miguel Otaduy, Bernd Bickel, Wojciech Matusik, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Steve Marschner, Derek Bradley

FP9: Perceptual Graphics

A Computational Model of Afterimages
Tobias Ritschel, Elmar Eisemann
Perceptually Linear Parameter Variations
Norbert Lindow, Daniel Baum, Hans-Christian Hege
NoRM: No-Reference Image Quality Metric for Realistic Image Synthesis
Robert Herzog, Martin Cadik, Tunc Ozan Aydin, Kwawng In Kim, Karol Myszkowski, Hans-Peter Seidel
Unsharp Masking, Countershading and Halos: Enhancements or Artifacts? () ()
Matthew Trentacoste, Rafal Mantiuk, Wolfgang Heidrich, Florian Dufrot
Crowd Light: Evaluating the Perceived Fidelity of Illuminated Dynamic Scenes
Adrian Jarabo, Tom Van Eyck, Veronica Sundstedt, Kavita Bala, Diego Gutierrez, Carol O'Sullivan

FP10: Making and Shadowing

Pixel Art with Refracted Light by Rearrangeable Sticks
Yonghao Yue, Kei Iwasaki, Bing-Yu Chen, Yoshinori Dobashi, Tomoyuki Nishita
crdbrd: Shape Fabrication by Sliding Planar Slices
Kristian Hildebrand, Bernd Bickel, Marc Alexa
ShadowPIX: Multiple Images from Self-Shadowing
Amit Bermano, Ilya Baran, Marc Alexa, Wojciech Matusik
Manufacturing Layered Attenuators for Multiple Prescribed Shadow Images
Ilya Baran, Philipp Keller, Derek Bradley, Stelian Coros, Wojciech Jarosz, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Markus Gross
Rationalization of Triangle-Based Point-Folding Structures
Henrik Zimmer, Marcel Campen, David Bommes, Leif Kobbelt

FP11: Interactive Modeling and User Interfaces

Interactive Self-Organizing Windows
Markus Steinberger, Manuela Waldner, Dieter Schmalstieg
Exploring Shape Variations by 3D-Model Decomposition and Part-based Recombination
Arjun Jain, Thorsten Thormahlen, Tobias Ritschel, Hans-Peter Seidel
Linear Analysis of Nonlinear Constraints for Interactive Geometric Modeling
Martin Habbecke, Leif Kobbelt
Multitouch Gestures for Constrained Transformation of 3D Objects
Oscar Kin-Chung Au, Hongbo Fu, Chiew-Lan Tai

FP12: Cities and Buildings

Interactive Coherence-Based Facade Modeling
Przemyslaw Musialski, Michael Wimmer, Peter Wonka
Factored Facade Acquisition using Symmetric Line Arrangements
Duygu Ceylan, Niloy J. Mitra, Hao Li, Thibaut Weise, Mark Pauly
Procedural Generation of Parcels in Urban Modeling
Carlos Vanegas, Tom Kelly, Basil Weber, Jan Halatsch, Daniel Aliaga, Pascal Muller
Procedural Interpolation of Historical City Maps
Lars Krecklau, Christopher Manthei, Leif Kobbelt

FP13: Lighting and Rendering

Importance Caching for Complex Illumination
Iliyan Georgiev, Jaroslav Krivanek, Stefan Popov, Philipp Slusallek
Selective Inspection and Interactive Visualization of Light Transport in Virtual Scenes
Tim Reiner, Anton Kaplanyan, Marcel Reinhard, Carsten Dachsbacher
Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping for Dynamic Scenes
Maayan Weiss, Thorsten Grosch
Real-time Rendering of Dynamic Scenes under All-frequency Lighting using Integral Spherical Gaussian
Kei Iwasaki, Wataru Furuya, Yoshinori Dobashi, Tomoyuki Nishita

FP14: Animation

A continuous, editable representation for deforming mesh sequences with separate signals for time, pose and shape
Thomas J. Cashman, Kai Hormann
Retrieval of Interactions by abstraction of spacetime relationships
Jeff K.T. Tang, Jacky C.P. Chan, Howard Leung, Taku Komura
Automatically Rigging Multi-component Characters
Gaurav Bharaj, Thorsten Thormahlen, Hans-Peter Seidel, Christian Theobalt
Fast Grasp Synthesis for Various Shaped Objects
Fumihito Kyota, Suguru Saito

FP15: Computational Geometry and Geometry Processing

Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations for Line Segments and Graphs
Lin Lu, Bruno Levy, Wenping Wang
A Simple Algorithm for Maximal Poisson-Disk Sampling in High Dimensions
Mohamed S. Ebeida, Scott A. Mitchell, Anjul Patney, Andrew A. Davidson, John D. Owens
Medial Kernels
Matthew Berger, Claudio Silva
Generalized Swept Mid-Structure for Polygonal Models
Tobias Martin, Guoning Chen, Suraj Musuvathy, Elaine Cohen, Charles Hansen

FP16: Visualization and Simulation

Explicit Mesh Surfaces for Particle Based Fluids
Jihun Yu, Chris Wojtan, Greg Turk, Chee Yap
Advected Tangent Curves: A General Scheme for Characteristic Curves of Flow Fields
Tino Weinkauf, Hans-Christian Hege, Holger Theisel
Computational Design of Rubber Balloons
Melina Skouras, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Bernd Bickel, Markus Gross
A Cell-Based Light Interaction Model for Human Blood(Thesis)
Daniel Yim, Gladimir Baranoski, Brad Kimmel, T. Francis Chen, Erik Miranda

SP1: Rendering and Lighting

Skeleton based importance sampling for path tracing
Venceslas Biri, John Chaussard
Forward+: Bringing Deferred Lighting to the Next Level
Takahiro Harada, Jay McKee, Jason Yang
Reflective Shadow Map Clustering for Real-Time Global Illumination
Roman Prutkin, Anton Kaplanyan, Carsten Dachsbacher
Hybrid CPU/GPU KD-Tree Construction for Versatile Ray Tracing
Jean-Patrick Roccia, Christophe Coustet, Mathias Paulin
Perceptually Based Afterimage Synthesis
Michihiro Mikamo, Marcos Slomp, Raytchev Bisser, Toru Tamaki, Kazufumi Kaneda

SP2: Modeling and Reconstruction

Robust Outlier Removal from Point Clouds Acquired with Structured Light
Johannes Kohler, Tobias Noll, Gerd Reis, Dider Stricker
Automatic multi-view surface matching
Umberto Castellani, Simone Fantoni, Andrea Fusiello
Growing Cell Structures Learning a Progressive Mesh During Surface Reconstruction
Tom Vierjahn, Guido Lorenz, Sina Mostafawy, Klaus Hinrichs
Shape Reconstruction from Raw Point Clouds using Depth Carving
Fabio Guggeri, Riccardo Scateni, Renato Pajarola
Variation-Factored Encoding of Facade Images
Suhib Alsisan, Niloy J. Mitra
Efficient Evaluation of Semi-Smooth Creases in Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
Matthias Niessner, Charles Loop, Gunther Greiner

SP3: Procedural Techniques and Flow

Scented Sliders for Procedural Textures
Anass Lasram, Sylvain Lefebvre, Cyrille Damez
Geometric details on skeleton-based implicit surfaces
Cedric Zanni, P. Bares, Ares Lagae, M. Quiblier, Marie-Paule Cani
Example-based Road Network Synthesis
Qizhi Yu, Anthony Steed
Steady state Stokes flow interpolation for fluid control
Haimasree Bhattacharya, Michael Nielsen, Robert Bridson
FTLE Computation Beyond First-Order Approximation
Markus Uffinger, Filip Sadlo, Chuck Hansen, Mike Kirby, Thomas Ertl

SP4: Deformation and Animation

Solid-state Culled Discrete Element Granular Systems
Seth Holladay, Parris Egbert
Image-based Animation of Clothes
Anna Hilsmann, Peter Eisert
Improved Obstacle Relevancy, Distance, and Angle for Crowds Constrained to Arbitrary Manifolds in 3D Space
Brian Ricks, Peter Eisert
Fast Response and Quick Progressive Transitions using Body Part Motion Graphs
Adso Fernandez-Baena, David Miralles
Automatic Line Handles for Freeform Deformation
Leila Schemali, Jean-Marc Thiery, Tamy Boubekeur
GPU based ARAP Deformation using Volumetric Lattices
Michael Zollhofer, Ezgi Sert, Gunther Greiner, Jochen Suessmuth

SP5: Rendering and Rasterization

Physically-Based Depth of Field in Augmented Reality
Peter Kan, Hannes Kaufmann
Real-Time Metaball Ray Casting with Fragment Lists
Laszlo Szecsi, David Illes
Incoherent Ray Tracing without Acceleration Structures
Attila Tamas Afra
S-buffer: Sparsity-aware Multi-Fragment Rendering
Andreas Vasilakis, Ioannis Fudos
Hyperplane Culling for Stochastic Rasterization
Jacob Munkberg, Tomas Akenine-Moller

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