Kim Kardashian 15 Essays Meme

Twitter is here for "Gym Kardashian."

A user going by the handle @jaypaulgeorge went viral this week after he uploaded a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" screen grab showing what the reality star would look like if she spent a lot more time on her upper body workouts.

It all began with this tweet:

About to hit the gym

— ✰ JAY ✰ (@jaypaulgeorge) February 13, 2018

He followed it up with an additional two edits, which generated almost 265k likes and 75k retweets.

I think I found my new hobby

— ✰ JAY ✰ (@jaypaulgeorge) February 13, 2018

And, just like that, a meme was born. See some of the funniest uses of the images so far!

me after bringing in all the groceries in one trip

— FREDDY (@FreddyAmazin) February 14, 2018

“and for the lady what drink can we get you?”

me: a beer

— back on my bullshit (@araslanian_) February 14, 2018

When he calls you bro

— B (@Blerontinaaaa) February 13, 2018

me when I have to carry shopping bags

— girl posts (@girlposts) February 13, 2018

boy: fight me 🙈😂👀

— twit (@gossipgriII) February 14, 2018

i got bored so i was inspired by the buff kim k meme to make these

— jay (@jaylynnrose__) February 15, 2018

me after opening someone’s water bottle because they couldn’t do it themselves

— diego (@shadesof666) February 13, 2018

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Love them or hate them, the Kardashian/Jenner clan is everywhere we turn. Kendall is hitting the runways of New York Fashion Week, Kylie is taking over the cosmetics world, Khloe is hitting the world where it hurts with her Revenge Body TV show, Kourtney and her growing family is always out and about, and Kim's empire with Kanye continues to grow in more avenues than one. There is no escaping this family. And whether we're annoyed by how much we seem them or annoyed by how much more we want to see them, they're not slowing down.

Since Keeping up with the Kardashians is on its 13th season, we've watched the family grow and conquer since 2007. And through all the ups and the downs, we have to admit, there are times we totally relate to these women. Maybe not their lavish lifestyle, but some of the things they say have us shaking our heads "Yup, me too!" And as much as we hate to admit it, here are 15 times we totally related to this famous family.

15 Preach It, Khloe!

I think it's obvious that Khloe Kardashian is one of the most relatable of the three main sisters. She was brutally honest about her issues with her body image, she's insanely loyal to those she loves, and some of her one liners are our favorite quotes to date. For example, "You have your whole life to be old, but you only have a few years to be young." She's totally right. We should totally take advantage of our youth and college years. It's a time to let loose, be silly, learn about who we are and grow. Once we graduate college, that's when life kicks in with its bills, student loans, car insurance, etc... Yuck. No matter what our age is, we should always listen to our inner child and not focus on how old we're getting.

14 Major Pet Peeve

Kim, I totally agree with you. One of my biggest pet peeves (and I have a lot of them) is when I ask a question and the other person says "OMG, you don't know??" UM, if I knew, why would I go out of my way, embarrassing myself, to ask! Just do me a solid and answer my question without judging me! The same goes for when we lose things. If I knew where I lost my keys, why would I ever be looking for my lost keys. Keyword: lost. I understand sometimes we make obvious inferences, but when we're annoyed because we lost something or can't find something and we need it ASAP, the last thing we want to do is heat up a conversation. Answer my question and no one gets hurt!

13 B-o-r-i-n-g

I know I'm late to the party, but I recently just got Snapchat. (I know, I know.) I just figured that I already have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, why on earth do I need another social media handle to see what my friends are doing? I already know what they're doing because they already posted about it on those three previous social media platforms! Why do I need to see a video of it again? It's so confusing. And I understand there are certain things we post on Instagram that we would never post on Snapchat and vice versa - but come on, isn't anything sacred or personal anymore? It's a little overboard. However, since I was pressured into getting Snapchat recently, I can totally relate to Kim's yawn fest for videos over 60-seconds. It's a little unnecessary and not that entertaining - sorry.

12 We're Not Friends

Ha! The struggle is so incredibly real with this meme. We've all said "I'm gonna kill her" (or him) when it comes to friends posting pictures on social media. Where we're all out together and take a group photo, there's always that one person who posts the ugliest picture only because they look decent in it. As long as they look good, they could not care less about what her friends look like. Shameful! Let's all do each other a solid and collectively ask the group what picture is the best and go from there. We'll post good pictures of them if they post good pictures of us. It's as simple as that! The next time that one friend posts a horrible picture of us, we're going to take it a step further and blackmail them with an equally terrible picture of them until they take their post down. Game over.

11 This Is Us In A Few Years

Kris Jenner gets a bad rap for "pushing" her family into fame and making money off her family's ups and downs, but honestly, she's more relatable than we realize. Just take a look at her at the playground. She was probably there with one of her six grandchildren, but she came prepared with wine in tow—and we're absolutely loving it. She's got a light jacket, a full bottle of wine, and some sunglasses on. She's prepared for a full of tipsy fun in the sun. And we're all about it. Sometimes we want to spend time with family while enjoying the nice weather, but as we know, family sometimes can make us want to have a glass of wine...or four. Do we blame Kris for drinking on the grandmother job? Absolutely not. We're actually taking lessons instead.

10 ME!

It seems like such a simple hair style. Straighten it, then tuck the hair behind your ears and shoulders. Done and done. But for whatever reason, if we don't have the proper amount of gel or hairspray, we end up looking like Taylor Lautner on the right, instead of the flawless Kendall Jenner on the left. As soon as we tuck our hair behind our ears, the side of the hair puffs out and we look like a 13-year old middle schooler instead of a celebrity on the red carpet. The only possible way to make this look work is to put like, a pound of gel in our hair to sleek it back, and maybe hide a few bobby-pins underneath somewhere.  If only we had full-time hair and makeup like these A-list celebs.

9 Leave Me Alone

The younger we are, the more we want to be social, hang with friends, stay out late, and sleep in until noon. But as soon we hit, let's say 24, there's nothing that seems more relatable than making a huge brunch on Sunday and staying in our pajamas for 24-hours. Being alone saves money, leaves more food for us, and allows us to live a drama-free life. So when people ask the dumb question of, "why don't you leave the house?" they should be prepared for the obvious answer, "I don't like being around people." It's not that we're not social beings - we are. It's just sometimes, not dealing with anyone else' issues is a care-free way of life. And we like it!

8 Like I Said, Leave Me Alone

This next Instagram meme goes hand-in-hand with the meme in number nine. People know we're at home. Our closest friends know more often than not that when they need to reach us, they can just show up at our house and there we are. But just because we're home all the time does not mean we don't want to hang out with our friends at least sometimes. If there's some kind of big gathering happening, it would be complimentary to at least invite us - even if they know we're most likely going to say no. But when a party is happening and they say the reason they didn't invite us is because they thought we were busy.... Are they serious? We're at home 24/7! The only "busy" schedule we have is picking up the remote that fell of the couch during our Netflix bender.


There is no greater feeling than leaving a sh**y relationship. Whether they cheated on us, didn't make us a priority, or abused us in some way, it's freeing to finally be released from that negative time in our lives. Once we grow some independence and get back on our two feet, we feel more alive than ever! So it's nothing short of amazing when we see our ex with a new bae and rumor has it they're on the rocks. Not that we don't want them to be happy (I mean...kind of), but now they're not our problem! All the s**t they put us through is now this other person's problem. And we get to have first row seats. Get us the popcorn, please!

6 I'd Rather Die

It takes a strong person to be open and accepting to apologizing. Admitting we're wrong or admitting our flaws in an argument can be hard. Especially when we don't think we've done anything wrong. When we vent to our friends or family about an argument, and they admit they think we're in the wrong - we would rather die than admit our wrongs and apologize (hey! who's side are you on anyway?). And now we're even more mad because not only do people think we're wrong, but now they're telling us what to do - and we don't fly with that. We'll usually just stay quiet and hopefully let the fight fizzle out before approaching them again. Maybe by the time that rolls around, they'll actually be the ones to apologize...maybe.

5 What Are They Doing Anyways?

Even though this picture has a handful of millionaires in it, it's very relatable. Those of us who are in a relationship know that it's hard dating or hanging onto our loved ones with all the social media platforms out there. And since we can see what our loved ones like on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, things can get a little sticky. Especially when bae likes some other person's selfie. If they're dating us, what's to like about someone else's face or body? Now the entire world has seen that our boyfriend or girlfriend liked someone else and rumors are going to fly. Not to mention it's kind of hurtful thinking about our significant other straying off so publicly. What gives? Then comes the epic decision if we should say something to bae or if we should let it slide under the rug. Decisions, decisions.

4 Why Not?

Life can be stressful. (Especially if you're a Kardashian.) And it seems like life's stressors really hit us hard just before we fall asleep or when we're in the shower with nothing to do but soak in the water and think. We end up falling asleep five hours later because we do nothing but think about every single flaw in our life, the bad things that could happen, if we ever ended up locking the front door or not - I mean, the list goes on and on. It's kind of surprising when we talk to others who have never done this, either. "What do you mean you don't think of every possible situation that could happen to us in a moment of terror before bed!?" What else is there to think about? For whatever reason, it seems to be easier to think about all the terrible things that can happen in our life instead of all the good. Why is that?

3 We Are All Scott

Thanks to all the positives of social media, e-mail, and electronic communications - communicating has never been easier. Which, now, has made communicating face-to-face or over the phone even harder. When we communicate through a screen, it's so much easier to say exactly what we want to say. There's time for the other person to get back to us and we don't need to deal with any physical emotions from the other person. This is especially true when it comes to a confrontation. Most of us think "Why apologize in person when I can do it right this second via text?" While the speediness of technology is helpful in these situations, it can also be a little cold. But at the end of the day, we're all busy people and sometimes an e-mail really would be sufficient.

2 Is That A Fat Joke?

I think it's safe to say that a majority of us are food lovers. I mean, we need it to survive; it's non negotiable. But some of us take our food-loving status to new lengths and seem to always be hungry. What's even more crazy are those people who seem to always be chewing on something yet have the most amazing bodies ever. How is that possible! Those people are so lucky. (We're looking at you, Chrissy Tiegen.)

No matter how well our friends know our love of food, whenever they say "you're hungry again?" or "are you looking for food again?" we can't help but consider it a sly insult. Look at Kylie Jenner here. Her response, "are you calling me fat" is comically justified. So what if we're looking for food or not - is it available or am I ordering takeout?

1 WHAT Is Happening!?

These memes crack me up to no end. With contouring and beauty tutorials on every other Instagram story or YouTube post, it's easier now than ever to look our best. We can literally transform our faces from all natural, to Chewbacca, to Gigi Hadid in a matter of minutes. Because of the availability of these tutorials and the magic of makeup, 13-year olds these days look like 25-year olds. They look amazingly gorgeous and it's totally concerning for us 25-year olds! "How come that middle schooler looks better and more mature than I do? And can they teach me a few things?" Like, just look at Kim K when she was 13. How is someone that gifted alive!? Her body is 10x better than mine will ever be and I'm old enough to workout and eat well enough to know better. #SMH

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