Callan Method Lesson 15 Homework

The Callan Method is a fast, fun and easy way of learning English that focuses on improving students’ listening and speaking skills. It was invented by a man named Robin Callan in England in the 1960s. The first school to use this method opened in London 50 years ago and it is now the largest private language school in Europe.
Today more than 300 schools use the Callan Method across Europe, Asia and South America. JET English College was the first school to introduce this method to Australia.

These statistics are based on the research of the Callan school in London over the fifty years they have been open. For more information visit

It is suitable for students of all nationalities, of all ages and for all purposes of study. It is based on repetition and speed, the two things that guarantee success in learning a language.
Students spend less time and less money on lessons by learning English in a quarter of the time it takes to learn by other methods.
Students reach the level of the internationally-recognized Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) in approximately 80 hours instead of the usual 350 hours it takes when learning by other methods and the level of the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) in about 160 hours.

If you study English at JEC you will

  • Learn to listen and respond to English spoken at normal conversational speed
  • Learn to think and speak directly into English without first translating
  • Learn practical, useful vocabulary and grammar structures
  • Improve your pronunciation, intonation and grammar skills every day with constant correction by the teacher
  • Check your understanding and progress with regular reading and writing practice
  • Receive maximum speaking practice in small classes of no more than 12 students
  • Choose to study in the morning, afternoon, evening and/or night

“The secret to success when learning a language is to repeat, repeat and repeat and to speak without thinking”

We cannot control the speed at which a native English speaker speaks on television, in films, in the shops or in the streets. For a student to learn English quickly and to learn it well, they must learn to understand and respond to English when it is spoken at normal speed.

One of the ways the Callan Method achieves maximum speaking time and maximum concentration from its students is by ensuring that, from the very first lesson, the JEC teacher speaks to their students in English at the rate of 200 to 240 words a minute.
The Callan teacher’s extra speed prevents boredom, makes the student concentrate, stops them translating in their head (by not giving them time), allows them to hear more words repeated more times. This makes it easier for them to understand English outside the classroom, and, of course, makes them learn faster.

With the Callan Method, there is almost no homework.
Everything happens within the lesson time.

Callan Method & Speaking Practice

(English for Daily Living, Speaking Activities and Useful Language Points)

Imagine you are here in Australia – trying to find share accommodation, asking for directions, going to parties, making friends and many other things… Can you imagine yourself doing these things in English? But just, unable to? Are you giving up the chance of doing daily activities and social opportunities in English, by giving yourself excuses like “I just arrived in Australia…” or “I’m not good enough at English”? Whatever your excuse, we believe that deep inside, you have enough motivation to do those exciting things and daily living activities – in English!

Forget about boring textbook lessons! Reading textbooks is just a useless way to study! Why don’t you start studying English with the Callan Method? This method is statistically 4 times more effective than other general English learning methods! You will noticeably improve your speaking and listening skills, your pronunciation will be corrected and you can learn to speak English accurately. And guess what? Now that you have improved your skills with the Callan Method, you can now use them in the classroom with our new 3rd hour interactive lessons. Callan Method and our new Speaking Practice classes is the ideal combination that JET English College proposes for you to be able to improve your English at maximum speed!

Example Week (not an actual timetable)

  • 1) Review what you have learned in the previous lessons. (Revision)
  • 2) Optimize your speaking skills in everyday learning. (New Work)

With this combination of lessons, we can provide you with the best environment for students who purely want to speak English and optimize their results.

Dear Papaya31,

As a Vietnamese now living overseas, I appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm in teaching and improving English for Vietnamese students there.

I could not agree more that speaking, especially pronunciation, is the weakest skill of the majority of Vietnamese who would have studied English over a decade! Even for Vietnamese who have studied higher education courses overseas, I guarantee about 80% of them could not pronounce English properly and have very heavy Vietnamese accent.

I myself was not a difference. I finished university degree in Vietnam before studying a master degree in an English speaking country. I barely spoke English in Vietnam, though my grammar was very good. I actually obtained IELTS 7.0 to be able to attend the master course, but I could not pronounce English correctly, let alone speaking a fluent English!!!

Realising my limitations, interestingly way before I came to know this Callan method, I practiced my pronunciation myself by REPEATING every single word that came across my eyes and READ OUT LOUD whatever English materials in my reach. I spent about 2 hours per day in about 6 months doing this, and then realised my pronunciation has improved dramatically. Now my brain is free from thinking whether my pronunciation is correct, I can freely absorb more English language to express my ideas more fluently and naturally.

Recently, I am thinking that it’s time to share my knowledge to the students in Vietnam and intending to go back and open an English school there. While researching how to share my English knowledge to the students, I got to know this Callan method. Amazingly, it is not quite far different from my own experience. I’ve decided that I will apply Callan method for my future English school.

Having experienced and improved my English using own method similar to Callan method, I am convinced Callan is the proper method to teach spoken English for Vietnamese students. With your own experience, it encouraged me more to proceed with this plan.

If you’re still active on this forum, I would love to have your contact to ask more about your experience with Callan method, and we may co-operate if you’re interested?



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