100 Homework Award

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Recognize your student who has not missed a homework assignment and is in the 100% Homework Club! Brag Tags are great incentives for any subject in school including the 100% Homework Club. Academic Brag Tags makes their tags out of 100% USA made products. Our paper is quality 10mil teslin paper laminated with 20mil extra bonded laminate. This means that your students will have a brag tag that is sturdy and durable and will last all year long if they choose to attach them with a 4″ ball chain key chain on their backpack. I’ve had one on my key chain for over a year and it’s been in and out of various purses and pants pockets and it still looks great! Brag tags are a great incentive program whether used school wide or just using them in your class. Students are competitive and like to collect things, why not give brag tags a try. Our brag tags are appr. 1 x 2″ brightly colored and available in many designs. If you don’t see what you are looking for send us an email and we will design a custom brag tag that fit your specific need at no additional charge. Back to School Ideas, Perfect Attendance Awards, Honor Roll Awards, Improvement Awards just to name a few of the designs we have available here.

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