Telecharger 20 Dissertations On Leadership

Leadership is the process where the leader can use his influence to convince in decision making process and setting the goals for the organization. As a leader of the organization he has to be ready in all aspects of all situations. This study was aimed to study the following: (1) leadership of school administrators under the Office of Secondary Education Service Area 20. (2) the effectiveness in schools (3) study the relationship between the leadership style and school effectiveness in schools. This study used a correlation research type. The population included 2,788 personal under the office of Secondary Educational Service Area 20 which comprised of the following: 160 administrators and 2,628 teachers. Krejcie & Morgan Table was used to set the sample size. The Stratified Random Sampling was also utilized to draw samples based on schools size. The 451 samples were 113 school administrators and 338 teachers. It also utilized the following research instruments: (1) The rating scale questionnaire with the Index of Objective Congruence between 0.67 – 1.00 and (2) the reliability coefficient based on Cronbach Alpha Coefficient was at 0.94. The obtained data was analyzed for mean, standard deviation, Person's Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Correlations. The overall findings of leadership style was at high level. Considering each aspect found that Supportive Leadership Style had the highest mean score. The lowest mean Score was the aspect of Reward and Punish leadership style. The overall school effectiveness was at high level considering each aspect which found that teachers’ satisfaction had the highest mean score whereas the lowest one was learning achievement. Moreover, the relationship between leadership style and school effectiveness of schools under the Office of Secondary Educational Service Area 20 found that there was a positive relationship at medium level. The five leadership styles had a ability to predict the school effectiveness at 69.9%

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