Essay On Why Small Towns Are Better Than Big Cities

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Today I have to write essay : " It's better to live in small town than a big city" I have just finished it and i need your help to make my essay better. please read,comment and give me some advices or idea. Thanks you :)

My Essay :
Nowaday, People often have 2 selection for their living place. Some people prefer to live in small town and Others prefer to live in the big city. I think one of the most important decisions that human have to take is to choose his living place where you can feel more comfortable,more suitable and happier. Peronally, I think setting down in modern big city is more beneficial. Through my essay I will analyze one of the most important reasons which is Chance of having a better carreer.

Big cities has bigger market, companies or corporations are more famous so of course you can have more chance to found a better work . I have a same age friend. He study IT in an university in Thai Nguyen city , It's a city which smaller than Ha Noi capital. He graduated from a famous university but after 1 year in Thai Nguyen he still unemployed

Because number of companies fewer means you will have less chance. There are too many student graduated from university each year but number of companies is only slightly increased. Many student together apply in to one company. Having too much CV of employees but employment in the company are limited so maybe you must to win hundred of people,who applied together with you in order to have employment in the company and my close friend can't do that.

After that I advice him to go to Ha Noi to find another chance and he agreed. He went to Ha Noi and applied to some companies. Amazing! Having 3 companies want to contract with him after only 2 months. He contracted with FPT corporation and work as a Software Specialist about computer. Now he still work there and feeling very happy when being a FPT's staff. From this example we can see that there are more activities in big cities that help people to expose their chance. It is clear from the example that we can have better opportunities in big cities.

In a nutshell, I am still positive living in big city is Hanoi where will allow me have better work chance. And I believe that many people will move to here for the same reason.

Societies nowadays have the choice to live in small town or big city. Consideration is important before make a choice whether to have a life in small town or big city depending on the affordable due to there is some contrast between both. The contrast of living in a small town and living in a big city can be seen in the aspect of the development, the economy level, and the amenities provided. The first contrast of living in small town and big city is the development. Small town has slower development compared to big city because it received less investment than a big city had. For example, big city overfill with buildings and urbanisations everywhere. But in significant, development caused social problem such as robbery and teenagers problems like loitering and ruins of moral values whereas these matters less happen in small town because in a small community, social problems can be prevented before it get worse.

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The development contributes to how the environment as well, where the big city faced very busy environment because of good transportation network and lead to hustle and bustle city due to lots of vehicles on the road. Next is the economy level. Small town has moderate economy level because of not much investment and slow development. In contrast, big city was in high economy level because of investment and business. As seen, the big city is the centre of the business and trading compared not much business on going in small town and this contribute to lower living cost when living in small town. The daily goods are cheaper than the in big city. People in big city received higher salary, so the prices of the needs are more expensive and people in big city have to face higher living cost.

Lastly, the contrast can be seen in term of amenities provided. Society in big city provided with complete amenities which is contrast with society in small town. For example, there is a hospital provided in small town but sometimes it is lack of facilities and community need to seek for better treatment in big city. Meanwhile, there are many choices of amenities when living in big city such as education centres, shopping complex, and transportation service. By complete amenities provided, society will have a better life because all the needs are provided than living in a place that lack of facilities. In summary, the decision to live in small town or big city is in one’s hand. Choose which one is better according to which is more affordable to because there are many contrast of both. However, be balanced against the cost involved, family’s budget priorities and choose the best that will bring happiness.

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