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Maliha Ahmed- 3123Date: 27.07.10Ms. Tehzeeb Amir Organizational behavior Case study # 1:“What do they want?”



According to Masclow’s theory of hierarchical needsthere are five physiological needs.1.Basic needs


Safety needs.


Social needs4.Self esteem5.Self actualization.In this scenario, employees were getting good wages but stillnot motivated because there wasn’t any recognition of employee’s status and prestige.Employees were in need of love and affection, comfort andpeace. Employees were actually lacking all thesemotivational tools. That is according to Masclow’s theoryemployees self esteem and self actualization is absent.According to Alderfer’s theory there are 3 core needsexistence, relatedness and growth.Same as Maslow’s. Employees were frustrated and nothappy with the organization’s awarding style. When everthey do something good they always get same kind of increment. Wages, benefits etc aren’t the only tool tomotivate employee. Manager needs to understand that theneeds of employee are different from other employee andare not always the same.Herzberg’s theory states that there are two factors involvedin motivation on employee motivation and hygiene.Motivators are those who are satisfied from there jobs andthose who are dissatisfied comes in hygiene factor. In thiscase the employees were dissatisfied from the job because

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