Biology Brochure Assignment

Biome Project


You will be given a biome to research in class.  The information collected will be used to create a pamphlet, website, or poster that describes the biome.  Think about what makes your biome unique and the types of plants and animals that live there as well as dominate weather patterns. As you gather information about the biome, take notes and think about how you can organize this information and put it into your own words. Your final project will need to include references to material you included. Pictures are encouraged to make your presentation interesting to your audience, which is your classmates.


taiga (coniferous forest)
temperate deciduous forest
tropical rain forest


temperate grassland or prairie savannah (also listed as grasslands on some sites)

freshwater (lakes, rivers, or streams)

Projects / Presentations

Use any of the following formats, check with your instructor for additional instructions or information: If you have another idea for your project, check with your instructor.

1. A flyer that you can hand out to the class (ask your teacher to make copies) or use a publisher program to make the pamphlets. has tri-fold pamphlet creators.

2. A web page (poster). is an online service that makes it easy to make web posters and publish them online. Teachers will need to sign up for this service or use a comparable service.

3. Make a real poster on posterboard. Make a self standing project board that has pictures and information about your biome.

4. Make a digital poster or infographic using Piktochart

5. Make a presentation using powerpoint or Prezi and present to the class on a digital projector.

6. Create a website on or make a Tumblr page.


1. The name of your biome (title page) which includes a short introduction to your project
2. The biome’s characteristics (climate, average temperature, average precipitation amounts, are there seasons) and locations in the world (continents, countries)
3. 4-6 plants that are found in your biome.  Describe an adaptation they have for  surviving in the biome.  (Ex) large horizontal roots
4. 4-6 animals that are found in your biome.  Describe an adaptation they have  for surviving in the biome.  (Ex) thick fur
5. Threats to the biome.  Give some details to the threats (what are some causes/effects of the threats. (Ex) deforestation-destroying habitats
6.  Why would someone want to visit this biome?
7. Pictures to include are: a map of the biome location, two plants you described, two animals you described, and one picture of the threat.
8. References - include websites, books or other resources you used to create your project, give credit to images you used.

Rubric: Biomes Project
4 pts3 pts2 pts1 pt
Title page and introduction 
Overall Characteristics (weather, locations, etc)
Plant Life (information and photos of plants)
Animal Life (information and photos of animals)
Information:  Threats to Biome
Information:  Why Visit Biome?
Organization: Is the layout, format and photos organized and engaging? 
Mechanics:  Organization neatness, grammar, etc. 
References and Citations    

Cancer is the uncontrolled reproduction of abnormal cells (uncontrolled mitosis.) There are many types of cancer, some of which are fatal or require very intense, expensive and unpleasant treatment. Different types of cancer affect different groups of people and have different symptoms, risk factors and treatments. Your job during this assignment is to become an expert on one type of cancer and create a professional looking brochure to educate others about that type of cancer. 

1.     You will create a brochure that could help someone who has just been diagnosed with a particular kind of cancer to understand his or her disease and its treatment options.

2.     Choose the type of cancer you will be researching.

Bladder, Kidney, Osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Brain  Leukemia (blood cancer), Pancreatic, Breast, Liver, Cancer ,Prostate, Colon, Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer (not melanoma), Endometrial (uterus), Melanoma (Skin Cancer), Gastric (stomach), Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (immune system) - Or you may select another type of cancer. 

3.     To make your brochure, use Microsoft Publisher (Office program), another program, or neatly do it by hand. fold paper into three equal sections and number pages as follows:


Page 1: Cancer type

Some graphic or drawing
Your name and period

Page 2: Symptoms associated with this type of cancer
Page 3: Risk factors – what makes people more likely to get it? Is it genetic or caused by a carcinogen, or both?

Page 4: How common is it?

Is any particular group more likely to get it than another?

Page 5: Treatment Options

Page 6: Interesting facts

List all sources with full URLs

See your assignment sheet for point distribution and rubric. 

Some Sources to get you started  

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