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Cher Paul..Marc…Jean…Papa

Chère Mathilde…Tante…Grand-mère…Maman

Chers Parents,

Main Body Of Letter.

Merci beaucoup de ta dernière lettre – Thanks for your last letter.

Merci pour la carte postale que j’ai reçue hier – Thanks for the postcard I got this morning.

J’ai reçu ta carte d’anniversaire hier matin – I got your birthday card yesterday morning.

Comment vas-tu et ta famille? – How are you and your family?

Comment allez-vous là-bas? – How are you all there?

Ça va bien, chez toi/chez-vous? – Everything alright with you?

Je m’excuse de ne pas avoir écrit depuis un mois – I’m sorry I haven’t written for a month

J’écris pour te dire de les nouvelles – I’m writing to tell you the news.

J’écris pour t’informer que… – I’m writing to tell you that…

J’ai reçu ton cadeau ce matin. Quelle surprise! – I got your present this morning. What a surprise!

Comment va ton père après son accident? – How is your Dad after his accident?

Comment est-ce que tu as fêté ton anniversaire? – did you celebrate your birthday?

Tu m’as demandé de te décrire une journée typique dans mon école – You asked me to tell you about a typical school day

J’ai des nouvelles à t’annoncer, je me suis cassé la main! – I have some news to tell you, I broke my hand!

Est-ce que tu veux venir en vacances avec nous ? – Do you want to go on holidays with us ?

Tu aimes le rugby mais ça m’énerve beaucoup! – You like rugby but it really annoys me!

Le film que j’ai vu ce weekend, c’était super chouette!  – The film I saw this weekend was brilliant!

Cette semaine à l’école, c’était casse-pieds! – This week at school was a pain in the neck!

Et toi, as-tu reçu de bonnes notes après les examens? – Did you get good grades in your exams?

Je crois que j’ai réussi à mes examens – I think that I passed my exams.

Comment as-tu passé les vacances de Pâques? – How did you spend the Easter holidays?

Je viens de finir mes examens –  I’ve just finished my exams.

Les maths étaient faciles/durs –  Maths were easy/difficult.


Voilà! C’est tout – Well that’s all!

Écris-moi bientôt/vite – Write to me soon

C’est tout pour l’instant – That’s all for now

Je dois te laisser –  I have to leave you

J’attends ta réponse avec impatience – I look forward to hearing from you

J’ai hâte d’avoir de tes nouvelles – I am looking forward to hearing your news.

Dis bonjour à tes parents – Say hello to your parents

Dis salut à tes copains/à ta soeur – Say hi to your friends / sister

Amitiés – Regards

Bien à toi – Yours

Related Notes

A friend is a person that someone knows and likes.

People who are friends talk to each other and spend timetogether. They also help each other when they are in trouble or are hurt. Friends are people that can be looked up to and trusted. Usually friends have similar interests. A friend is one who admires a person's skill and helps or encourages them to make the right choices and do not get into any trouble at all.

The strength of the bond of friendship between two people can vary. If the bond is very strong, they are called best friends. This can usually be achieved by possessing the elements of friendship, by being kind, generous, loyal, honest and by having fun. With these qualities you can truly enjoy the bliss of friendship.

There are expectations, demands and complaints in friendship too. If friends don't match with your expectations, it does not mean you will break the friendship. It is all about understanding, realizing and helping whenever possible.

Friendship is both good and necessary. Man cannot live all alone. He is a social being. He needs someone to share his joys and sorrows. Generally, it is only people of similar age, character and background, mentality, etc., who can understand him and his problems. Friends are needed for support and for sharing.

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