Ib Cas Reflection Essay For English 101

Hello everyone, hope you guys all heard good news from the universities you applied to/your gap year planning is going well.
Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys what your CAS coordinators told you about your reflections. Mine told me that I needed one for every 1-2 hours of activity but when I looked online for some help, all I could find was something on a final CAS essay/reflection and nothing on short paragraphs of reflections. I don't know if all of you know about ManageBac (I know that some of you do) but we are supposed to upload short reflections (usually like a paragraph or two) on there. I've seen one other post on TSR where their coordinator told them to write one for every 10 hours of activity, which I think is much more manageable: it's really hard to write what lessons about life we learned per every two hours of the same activity, since it's pretty much repetitive.
So all these contradicting info is confusing me and I just need some help clarifying it all - especially with the deadline being so close.

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