American Indian Environmental Ethics Essays


Introduction: The Real Work

I. Animal Liberation and Environmental Ethics

1. Animal Liberation: A Triangular Affair
2. Review of Tom Regan, The Case for Animal Rights
3. Animal Liberation and Environmental Ethics: Back Together Again

II. A Holistic Environmental Ethic

4. Elements of an Environmental Ethic: Moral Considerability and the Biotic Community
5. The Conceptual Foundations of the Land Ethic
6. The Metaphysical Implications of Ecology

III. A Non-anthropocentric Value Theory for Environmental Ethics

7. Hume's Is/Ought Dichotomy and the Relation of Ecology to Leopold's Land Ethic
8. On the Intrinsic Value of Nonhuman Species
9. Intrinsic Value, Quantum Theory, and Environmental Ethics

IV. American Indian Environmental Ethics

10. Traditional American Indian and Western European Attitudes Toward Nature: An Overview
11. American Indian Land Wisdom?: Sorting Out the Issues

V. Envrionmental Education, Natural Aesthetics, and E.T.

12. Aldo Leopold on Education, as Educator, and His Land Ethic in the Context of Contemporary Environmental Education
13. Leopold's Land Aesthetic
14. Moral Considerability and Extraterrestrial Life



J. Baud Callicott and Michael P. Nelson offer an engaging study of environmental ethics with particular emphasis on an ethics supported by the Ojibwa cultural worldview. Connecting environmental theory with diverse stories from Ojibwa Indians, Callicott and Nelson reveal the meaning and power of cultural worldviews as they inform ethical principles and practices, as they show that competing worldviews demonstrate the many ways "of cognitively organizing human experience." The authors begin with a concise treatment of environmental ethics, cultural worldviews, and the problem of cultural relativism, and integrate and evaluate rarely seen narratives of Ojibwa Indians on their relationship to the environment.

American Indian Environmental Ethics is the seventh book in the series, Basic Ethics in Action, edited by Michael Boylan. This series is a major new undertaking by Prentice Hall covering several areas in applied ethics, including business ethics, environmental ethics, medical ethics, and social and political ethics.

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