Princeton Phd Dissertation Database

Beginning fall 2011, newly submitted Princeton University doctoral dissertations have been made available through Princeton’s institutional repository, DataSpace in the University Archives collection. 

  1. These full-text PDFs are freely accessible to researchers inside or outside of the Princeton University community.
  2. Note: some of the dissertations in DataSpace may be subject to a two-year embargo; until the embargo expires, these dissertations are only available for viewing in hard-copy in the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library’s reading room.

Additional options for Princeton University people wanting PU dissertations:

  1. Until fall, 2011, there were normally two paper copies available, a non-circulating one in the Princeton University Archives located in the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library on campus, and a circulating one in ReCAP, a remote storage facility on the Forrestal Campus. You can request the circulating copy by using the ReCAP request button in the Main Catalog or Books+. The dissertation will be brought to the library you designate. You will be sent an e-mail so you know it has arrived. This will usually occur the next weekday after you place the request.
  2. Search the Main Catalog or Books+, by author or title, to identify Princeton Ph.D. dissertations (and the relatively few master’s theses done here).  
  3. Note that catalog records for Ph.D. dissertations do not consistently indicate their subjects and/or the academic department in question. However, to identify dissertations completed in the past few decades within a specific department, you can construct a search in the Main Catalog or Books+ that contains Princeton University. Dept. [department name] [author or title keyword} as in this example: Princeton University. Dept. of English utopia
  4. To identify all Princeton Ph.D. dissertations, search ProQuest Digital Dissertations (also known as Dissertation Abstracts). Make sure to enter princeton in the School name/code field. This database will provide abstracts of dissertations beginning in 1980 and the complete dissertation text in pdf format beginning in 1997.

Additional options for people wanting PU dissertations, who are in the U.S. or Canada:

  1. Ask your own academic, corporate, or public library to attempt to borrow the circulating copy from Princeton University Library via interlibrary loan.
  2. Ask your own academic, corporate, or public library to acquire a copy for their own collections.
  3. Purchase a copy yourself from ProQuest Dissertation Publishing.

Additional options for people wanting PU dissertations, who are outside the U.S. or Canada:

  1. The Princeton University Library does not lend print Princeton Ph.D. dissertations to libraries outside the United States and Canada—with the exception of institutions that participate in the RLG SHARES program.
  2. Ask your own library to acquire a copy for their collections.
  3. Purchase a copy yourself, in any of several formats, from ProQuest Dissertation Publishing

The wide range of possible research topics is illustrated by the following dissertations.

Jasmine Benyamin (University of Wisconsin), Towards a (New) Objectivity: Photography in German Architectural Discourse 1900-1914 (2015)

S. Can Bilsel (University of San Diego), Architecture in the Museum: Displacement, Reconstruction and Reproduction of the Monuments of Antiquity in Berlin's Pergamon Museum (2003)

AnnMarie Brennan (University of Melbourne), Olivetti: A Working Model of Utopia (2011)

Craig Buckley (Yale University), Graphic Apparatuses: Architecture, Media, and the Reinvention of Assembly 1956-1973 (2013)

Mark Campbell (School of Architecture at the Architectural Association) A Beautiful Leisure: The Decadent Architectural Humanism of Geoffrey Scott, Bernard and Mary Berenson (2013)

Sarah Deyong (Texas A&M University), Archigram and the City of Tomorrow (2008)

Leonardo Diaz Borioli (ESTUDIO 3.14), Collective Autobiography Building Luis Barragán (2015)

Zvi Efrat (Efrat-Kowalsky Architects), The Object of Zionism: Architecture of Statehood in Israel, 1948-1973 (2014)

Inês Fernandes, Building Brasilia: Modern Architecture and National Identity in Brazil (1930-1960) (2003)

Anthony Fontenot (Woodbury School of Architecture), Non-Design and the Non-Planned City (2013)

Gina Greene (University of Pennsylvania), Children in Glass Houses: Toward a Hygienic, Eugenic Architecture for Children during the Third Republic in France (1870-1940) (2012)

Romy Hecht (Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile), The Attack on Greenery: Critical Perceptions of the Man-Made Landscape, 1955-1969 (2009)

Branden Hookway (Cornell University), Computational Environments of the 20th Century (2011)

Lisa L. Hsieh (University of Minnesota), ArchiteXt: The Readable, Playable and Edible Architecture of Japanese New Wave (2013)

Alicia Imperiale (Tyler School of Art-Architecture/Temple University) Alternate Organics: The Aesthetics of Experimentation in Art, Technology & Architecture in Postwar Italy (2014)

Karin Jaschke  (University of Brighton), Mythical Journeys: Ethnography, Archaeology, and the Attraction of Tribal Cultures in the Work of Aldo van Eyck and Herman Haan, (2012)

Lydia Kallipoliti (Syracuse University), MISSION GALATIC HOUSEHOLD: The Resurgence of Cosmological Imagination in the Architecture of the 18960s and 1970s (2013).

Joy Knoblauch (University of Michigan), Going soft: Architecture and the human sciences in search of new institutional forms (1963-1974) (2012)


Daniel Lopez-Perez (University of San Diego), SKYSCRAPEROLOGY: Tall Buildings in History and Building Practice (1975-1984) (2013)

Louis Martin (l'Université du Québec à Montréal), The Search for Theory in Architecture: Anglo-American Debates (1957-1976) (2002)

Joanna Merwood (Victoria University of Wellington), The Mechanization of Cladding: The Chicago Skyscraper and the Constructions of Architectural Modernity (2003)

Joaquim Moreno (University of Porto CEAU), From a Little Magazine to the City: Arquitecturas Bis (1974-85) (2010)

Ernestina Osorio (California State University, Northridge), Intersections of Architecture, Photography, and Personhood: Case Studies in Mexican Modernity (2006)

Emmanuel Petit (University College London), Irony In Metaphysics’s Gravity. Iconoclasms and Imagination in the Architecture of the Seventies (2006)

Stephen Phillips (California Polytechnic State University), Elastic Architecture: Frederick Kiesler's Mobile Space Enclosures (2008)

Beatriz Preciado (Université Paris VIII, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona) Gender, Sexuality, and the Biopolitics of Architecture from the Secret Museum to Playboy (2012)

Enrique Ramirez  (Ball State University), Airs of Modernity 1881-1914 (May 1, 2013)

Lutz Robbers (RWTH Aachen University), Modern Architecture in the Age of Cinema: Mies van der Rohe and the Moving Image (2011)

Ingeborg Rocker (Dassault Systèmes), Evolving Structures: The Architecture of the Digital Medium (2010)

Rafael Segal (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), A Unitary Approach to Architecture - Alfred Neumann and the ‘Humanization of Space’ (2011)

David Smiley (Columbia University), Pedestrian modern: modern architecture and the American Metropolis, 1935-1955 (2007)

David Snyder (Tel Aviv University), The Jewish question and the modern metropolis : urban renewal in Prague and Warsaw, 1885-1950 (2007)

Molly W. Steenson (Carnegie Mellon School of Design) Architectures of Information: Christopher Alexander, Cedric Price, and Nicholas Negroponte & MIT's Architecture Machine Group (2014)

Sara Stevens (University of British Columbia), Developing Expertise: The Architecture of Real Estate, 1908-1965 (2012)

Irene Sunwoo (The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art) Between the ‘Well-Laid Table’ and the ‘Marketplace’: Alvin Boyarsky's Experiments in Architectural Pedagogy (2013)

Els Verbakel (Technion Institute of Technology) Of Voids, Networks and Platforms: Post-War Visions for a European Transnational City: 1952-1958 (2013)

Diana Kurkovsky West (Director of Science and Technology Studies Center (STS), European University, St. Petersburg, Russia) CyberSovietica: Planning, Design, and the Cybernetics of Soviet Space, 1954-1986 (2013)

Shundana Yusaf (University of Utah), Wireless Sites: Architecture in the Space of British Radio (1927-1945) (2011)

Tamar Zinguer (The Cooper Union School of Architecture), Architecture in Play: Intimations of Modernism in Architectural Toys, 1836-1952 (2006)

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